Container Service


Combines trucking, container rental, and tip fees.

What can I put in Containers?

All unpainted, untreated wood, dimensional wood, pallets, wood crates, stumps, brush free of dirt and rock. Grass and leaves extra, call for pricing.

How big are the Containers?

CA thirty-cubic-yard (30 CY) box is 20ft x 8ft x 5 ft. high. A fifty-cubic-yard (50 CY) box is 22ft x 8ft x 7.5 ft. high. We need room for a large truck to back in, drop off and pick up the container.

How do I get Started?

If you are an existing customer on account, just fill out and sign our Container Customer Service Agreement. Fax it over and that's it. If you are a new customer not on account, fill out our easy Supplier Account Setup Form along with the Container Customer Service Agreement and fax to 909.259.1535. All customers will receive a call back confirming the container delivery date as soon as we receive your signed forms.

Here are the forms for you to print: