Colorrich™ Mulch

So many colors, what to choose?

The market for colored mulch in Southern California is a relatively new one. Part of the reason for this is that until recently, this product is what I would term, "Lipstick on a pig." Producers would take material that should be destined for a burn plant and sprinkle it with a little colorant to call it good. When we decided to do colored mulch, we wanted to do it right.

We started by only using "clean wood" or dimensional (lumber) products to make our mulch. Then we chose to not skimp on the colorant. At Apollo, if we see bare wood, we redo it till it's right.

We are also using more natural colors, so our red looks red, not dark pink. Our brown and black are dark and vibrant.

Our product is made to hold it's color longer than natural wood mulches that grey out due to UV sunlight and irrigation water deposits. This material not only looks great, but also helps retain moisture in the soil and inhibit weed growth.

Colorrich™ Mulch - The Colors!