IPEMA Certified Play Fiber

Also known as Play Fiber, Engineered Wood Fiber, or Play Chips

For years, since the country started using wood as a safety surface in playgrounds, the material has come from recycled wood materials such as lumber cuttings from the construction industry. This was up until the time of the great recession. At that point in time, since construction around the country all but stopped, clean wood for playground material became scarce. Many producers of this material started using other recycled materials for their supply, such as recycled pallets.

Apollo Wood Products chose to go in a different direction. Because we could not verify where the material came from and what it was used for, we chose to start using "forest direct" wood products for our safety surfacing material. The play fiber supplied by Apollo Wood products requires a chain of custody from the forest to the customer. It also is certified to meet or exceed ASTM standards for fall protection and wheel chair accessibility.

Play fiber is a wood product that is ground and screened to an exact specification, so as to be able to provide an adequate cushion from a fall of 12', and yet be firm enough to allow handicap accessibility. It is further tested for trace contamination such as metals.

Material certification is available upon request.

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