Wood Recycling

Is Your Wood Waste Recyclable?

Apollo Wood Recovery accepts all wood wastes that are suitable for recycling, including both urban wood wastes and landclearing woody material such as tree trunks and limbs that are less than 28 inches in diameter. This page provides a brief description of our services and what is acceptable wood wastes and contaminant limitations.

Apollo Wood Recovery will provide you with 50 cubic yard roll-off containers and exchange service when your container is full. In return, you may deliver recyclable wood waste to our Ontario, California facility.

Apollo will be happy to have an account representative visit your facility to review your wood waste stream and answer any specific questions about our recycling services.

Acceptable Wood Materials

Clean urban wood waste includes materials generated from commercial and industrial activities. Mixed urban wood waste from construction, renovation and demolition activities, or wood streams that contain non-wood residuals will have an additional charge. Examples of urban wood waste materials include:

Other Similar Materials

Chemically treated wood is not accepted should it exceed 1% of the total load. Any loads with treated wood exceeding incidental trace levels will be rejected, including the common pressure treated products. Treated wood includes creosote, CCA, and similar treatments.

Painted Wood

Absolutely no lead-based paints will be accepted; therefore we cannot accept painted wood from demolition activities or unidentified commercial sources.

New pre-primed wood products are acceptable, but must be clearly identifiable as such.

Painted wood from documented commercial sources may be acceptedbased on review of an MSDS sheet from the paint supplier.


Wood shall not include more than incidental levels of plastics, cardboard, metals (small fastners such as nails, screws, small hinges, etc. are accepted), pipes, tar paper, cement fiber composites or similar non-wood materials.

Absolutely no asbestos or hazardous materials; any loads with such materials will be rejected or handled for proper remediation and disposal at the expense of the supplier.

Stumps, brush and landclearing debris may include tree tops, limbs, roots and brambles.

Loads with high dirt and soil content will be charged an additional charge per cubic yard.

Extremely dirty loads or contaminated loads will be rejected.

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