Ameri-Red Wood Mulch - 5 Gallon Bucket

Ameri-Red Wood Mulch - 5 Gallon Bucket

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  • Amazing ameri-red color that gives a great look to line flower beds, around a path or as a feature.
  • Easy to apply, just layer on top of ground.
  • Helps control weeds, keep water in & improve soil quality.
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  • One 5 Gallon Bucket = 0.8 cubic feet.

About the product:

The Ameri-Red mulch is a superb product suitable for small and large projects. It helps to control weeds, keeps soil moist, improves the quality of soil over time and best of all looks great!

All our products are from the highest quality recycled wood, the colors last for many years and because we manufacture all our products we ensure you only get the highest quality for the absolute best price. Simply apply 3-4 inches of the bark for the best result.

What the product is great for:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Reduces erosion
  • Controls weeds
  • Improves water infiltration rates
  • Reduces storm water runoff velocity & volume
  • Improves soil structure over time
  • Maintains soil moisture

How to use for best results:

  • Applied thickness 3-4”
  • Apply directly to soil or over weed barrier fabric
  • Pneumatic blower truck application available

Product details:

  • Clean recycled dimensional wood
  • Color treated with mineral pigments
  • Color retention – 2 years +
  • Particle size – 1-3”
  • Free of contamination: no dirt, rocks, metal or plastic
  • Complies with CalTrans Spec 20-5.03

Used by professionals & the best

Our wood chip & mulch can be found on thousands of playgrounds, homes and award winning spaces across America, including golf courses, hotels & churches. We are the go-to for making your home look amazing. We are the leading manufacturer who make the highest quality wood chip and mulch which is why we are used by the professionals across California.

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