Soil Conditioner (empower your soil) - 5 Gallon Bucket
Soil Conditioner (empower your soil) - 5 Gallon Bucket

Soil Conditioner (empower your soil) - 5 Gallon Bucket

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  • Ideal for fortifying the soil in any area of lawn, flower bed or landscape.
  • Extremely high in nutrients and trace elements.
  • Highly concentrated formula, custom made by our soil experts to bring your soil back to life!
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  • One 5 Gallon Bucket = 0.8 cubic feet.

About the product:

Our soil conditioner helps improve the quality of your soil by adding essential nutrients and minerals back into the ground.

What the product is great for:

  • Ideal for fortifying the soil in any areas of lawn and landscape
  • Long lasting nutrition

How to use for best results:

  • Highly concentrated: thoroughly mix 1 part soil conditioner with 3 parts existing soil
  • 3 cubic yards per 1000 square feet, tilled into top 6”
  • Reapply as fertilizer annually

Product Details:

  • Class A, EQ, Nitro Humus
  • High in nutrients and trace elements

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We are the leading manufacturer who make the highest quality compost and soil which is why we are used by the professionals across California! Our compost and soil products can be found in thousands of homes and award winning spaces across America, including golf courses, hotels & churches. We are the go-to for making your home, flowers and lawn look amazing.

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