Nitrolized Shavings Compost Alternative

Welcome to the world of innovative gardening solutions! Here, at Apollo Wood Products, we’re excited to introduce our latest breakthrough – the Nitrolized Shavings Compost Alternative Mix. Designed for eco-conscious gardeners and farmers, this product is set to revolutionize how we think about composting.

What are Nitrolized Shavings?

Our Nitrolized shavings compost alternative mix is a super high quality formula created by our soil & compost experts.

Moreover, It has been developed by working closely with top plant nurseries across California for them to grow the healthiest and most wonderful variety plants.

The perfect solution for both new plants and beds or to add nutrients back into an existing flower bed. Really easy to use and makes a visible difference quickly.

Additionally our nitrolized shavings mix is incredibly high in nutrients and is graded as Class A, EQ.

The Environmental Impact

Now, let’s talk about the environment – a topic we all care deeply about. The production of Nitrolized shavings has a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to traditional compost materials. This means, by choosing Nitrolized shavings, you’re not just nurturing your garden, but also doing your bit for the planet.

User-Friendly Application

For garden enthusiasts wondering how to use this product, it’s incredibly user-friendly. Whether you’re tending to a small home garden or a large agricultural field, incorporating Nitrolized shavings into your routine is straightforward. They blend seamlessly with the soil, enhancing its texture and fertility.


  • 100% organic, natural & super high quality compost alternative, perfect for new plants and enriching existing ground.
  • Used as a soil amendment as well as the organic base in soil mixes and blends to add nutrient and trace elements.
  • Improves soil friability and aeration.
  • Large and small projects – can be used for any size garden or pot.


In conclusion, Apollo Wood Products’s Nitrolized shavings are more than just a compost alternative; they’re a step towards a greener and more sustainable future in gardening and farming. Embrace this innovative solution and witness the transformation in your soil’s health and plant growth. It’s time to give your garden the care it deserves with Nitrolized shavings!